Products & Services

We operate in exporting and distributing of Raw materials for the fast moving consumer, we are supplying different kind of Raw Materials & Commodities, Spices & Flavors, Cellulose, Plastic Casing and Clips & Loops, which used in different sectors of food industries like: Meat – Fish – Dairy & Cheese – Bakeries & Snacks).


Raw Materials & Commodities

We carefully select our raw materials, obtaining the very best the plant world has to offer. Using specific processes,

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Spices & Flavors

Fotshz offers an endless variety of flavors and seasonings, including dry blends for snacks, sauces and cheese items.

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Cellulose Casing

we supply regenerated cellulose food casings,

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Plastics Casing

We are supplying Plastic Casing for dry and cooked products which apply for meat, chicken & cheese products.

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Clips & Loops

We supply to the market a wide range of Clips & Loops for closing with aluminum clips for loops

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