Cellulose Casing

We supply regenerated cellulose food casings, made from cotton linters, which is the purest form of cellulose available. Natural Cotton is 90% cellulose compared to wood source cellulose at 40% cotton provides a highly pure, strong, consistent food casing to meet all customer requirements.

Cellulose Types:

19 mm


22 mm

23 mm

24 mm

26 mm

28 mm


Cellulose Sausage Casing

Cellulose is a bio-degradable paper based derivative used for manufacturing tubular sausage casings. The casing is removed before meat consumption, and is peeled off the sausage. Therefore cellulose casing is often called “Peeler Casings” or “Skinless Casings”. Cellulose sausage casings are used to make hot dogs, frankfurters, and sausages, at temperatures under 125, and are the most economical overall process technology. The product is very strong and provides precision sizing control for high speed automatic processing, and is a paper-derivative which can be disposed in any approved bio-degradable method, such as landfill, incineration or composting.