Substitute Egg Albumen

improve or replace the use of egg albumen , good flow ability and water solubility powder , using Non-GMO hydrolyzed soy protein as ingredients , it can be widely used in nutrition bars, basic frappe for centers, confectionary , chews , centers for hollow chocolate work.

Product Description

Whipping agent based on hydrolyzed vegetable protein (Non – GMO) that can be used to improve or replace the use of egg albumen, the product consists of light cream colored, free flowing and water – soluble powder.

Usage & Application Information

The product is used in all types of aerated sugar confectionery as a partial or total replacement of egg albumen typical dosage is 0.3 -0.5% in chocolate enrobed bars , nougats , basic frappe for centers , fruit caramels and chews , marshmallows & Centers for hollow chocolate work