Fotshz Fibrous Casing
Excellent Strenth & Extraordinary Uniformity of Stuffed Diameter

Features :

  • Excellent Strength
  • Reliable Size Consistency
  • Moderate Permeability to moisture and smoke
  • Great Machineability at High Speed Stuffing .
  • Flexible Convertibility
  • Easy Disposing
Fotshz “ Regular ”

Best for cooked and smoked sausage such as :

  • Bologna
  • Mortadella
  • Cooked Salami
  • Dry Sausages

FOTSHZ “ Regular “ type of fibrous casing for cooked and smoked sausages which do not require special peeling or adhesion feature of casings for the encased products throughout the process

Fotshz “ Easy Peel ”

Best for cooked and smoked ham, and the products to be slices in the factory as well as processed and smoked cheese.

FOTSHZ “ Easy Peel “ type is an easy peelable type of fibrous casing. The inner surface of this fibrous casing is specially treated during its production so that it is easy peelable from the encased product without disrupting the product`s surface.

Fotshz “ Good Adhesion ”

Best for Dry & Semi-dry sausage such as :

  • Salami
  • Mortadella
  • Pepperoni
  • Summer Sausage
  • And More.

FOTSHZ “ Good Adhesion “ type is type of fibrous casing. The inner surface of this fibrous casing is specially treated during its production so that it may adhere to and shrink with the encased products as it dries.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Variety of Colors ?

Yes the wide variety of colors are available such as mahogany, red, white, amber as well as clear.

What are the usage of FOTSHZ fibrous casing?

Fibrous casing should be soaked in lukewarm water 30 ` – 40 ` ( 86 ` – 104 ` F ) at least for 30 minutes before ise in order to obtain the optimal features of casing. FOTSHZ fibrous casing can be stuffed out up to our recommended maximum stuffed diameter ( RMSD ) without break. Beyond the RMSD, breakage of casing may occur. For sanitary purpose and retention of quality of casing, once soaked, casing should be consumed within the same day. Unused and not soaked fibrous casings should be put in a polyethylene and/or similar kind of bag when stored for a few days. casing should be protected against abrasion and not be contacted with hard and rough surface directly.

How do I store FOTSHZ fibrous casing?

Fibrous casing should be kept in origianl packaging at 15 ` – 25 ` C ( 59 ` – 77 ` F ) and relative humidity of 60 70 % before using. Avoid direct sunlight.

How do i know the right size for my production?

FOTSHZ fibrous casing may be supplied in the form of cut pieces in requested lenght, in bundles as well as on reel. Additionally, the following conevrsions are available for customizing to your production :

1- Pre-Sticking

Pre-sticking casing reduces the possibility of jelly, fat or air pocket formation on the finished products. Optimal size of pre-sticking holes and paterns can be selected among the wide variety.

2- Vent Holes

In order to use cut, tied or clipped casing effciently on some type of product, it is necessary to drill vent holes adjacent to the tied or clipped end of casing for quick release of air during stuffing.

3- Printing

Casing can be printed. Please contact us for the details of available printing.

4- Shirring

Mechanically Shirred casing ensures great increase of productivity at stuffing process.

5- RTU Casing

RTU casing is pre-moistened in order to allow for immediate use.

Size Chart


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