About Us

Fotshz Trading DWC – LLC

We are leading Company in the provision of high quality, healthy and innovative food ingredients. We operate in exporting and distributing of Raw materials for the fast moving consumer, we are supplying different kind of Raw Materials & Commodities, Spices & Flavors, Cellulose, Plastic Casing and Clips & Loops, which used in different sectors of food industries like: Meat – Fish – Dairy & Cheese – Bakeries & Snacks. Fotshz Trading DWC- LLC as one of the leading suppliers and B2B traders located in Dubai, We supply cellulose casing, polyamide casing, fibrous casing, flavors and spices.

Cotton provides a highly pure, strong, consistent food casing to meet all customers’ requirements. We are the  suppliers who linked  between Consumers & Customers in a way that achieves market break through & generate sustainable growth with our contacts , experience and ability to reach customer needs in order to obtain their trust and satisfaction. We believe that our products can well enriched your products/ Services to obtain total customer satisfaction.

We match your unique business needs with our deep understanding of food ingredients market.

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