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Fotshz Trading DWC – LLC

We are leading Company in the provision of high quality, healthy and innovative food ingredients. We operate in exporting and distributing of Raw materials for the fast moving consumer, we are supplying different kind of Raw Materials & Commodities, Spices & Flavors, Cellulose, Plastic Casing and Clips & Loops, which used in different sectors of food industries like: Meat – Fish – Dairy & Cheese – Bakeries & Snacks. Fotshz Trading DWC- LLC as one of the leading suppliers and B2B traders located in Dubai, We supply cellulose casing, polyamide casing, fibrous casing, flavors and spices.

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Raw Materials & Commodities

Carefully select our raw materials, obtaining the very best the plant world has to offer. Using specific processes, we elaborate extracts for flavoring, functionality.


Mono Spices

Spices are as diverse as life itself. We have direct access to the markets of origin. It gives us access to a multitude of the highest quality spices. Long-term supply contracts and, for the most part…


Cellulose Casing

Offer a safe option for all types of production systems and a wide range of applications. They allow productivity at the highest level, characterized by their caliber consistency…


Dried Products

We offer a comprehensive range of conventional and organic dry Products. We work in drying onions, garlic, lemon and all medicinal plants such as parsley, dill and others..


Polyamide Casing

Polyamide thermo-shrinkable casing the most popular packaging for sausages used for all kind of cooked sausages that require a long shelf life. The casing has a great barrier and adherence features….


Clips & Loops

Offer individual loops or loop rolls (white or colored) for almost all known clipping machines. We supply (metal) plastic-coated cords in various colors, which means they…


Spices & Flavors

Carries a wide variety of food additive ingredients. Several of these items are also natural or can offer a clean label. Also, many of the products come in Organic…


Fibrous Casing

Fibrous Casings are a unique combination of regenerated cellulose applied to a special paper for exceptional strength and diameter uniformity. These casings…


Liquid Control Technology

We supply a new technology of Liquid Control to be apply in processed cheese & Soft cheese and Feta cheese which packed in Tetra pack package, Buckets, Tubs….

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